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Wedding insurance is something that many engaged couples choose to obtain. Like any other insurance policy, there are only certain things that wedding insurance covers.

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In the event that a couple has to cancel their wedding at the last minute due to an unexpected illness or death in the family, wedding insurance will ensure they are reimbursed for the money they spent on the venue. It also covers expenses if a couple has to cancel their wedding due to dangerous weather conditions such as a hurricane, tornado or dangerous snowstorm.

There are times when couples will put down a deposit for services from a vendor who ends up going out of business before the couple’s wedding day. In this case, couples get back the money they spent on the deposit thanks to their wedding insurance. Some wedding insurance policies will even pay for couples to find a substitute vendor for the one that went out of business.

When wedding attire is destroyed or lost through no fault of a couples’ their insurance will pay for new attire. The same can be said for a couple’s wedding rings. Insurance replaces the rings if they are lost or destroyed shortly before or shortly after the wedding.

Another thing that this insurance covers is having wedding photos and/or videos redone if the photographer and/or video grapher either fail to show up at the wedding or use equipment and materials that don’t get the job done.

Couples who rent a limo or other means of transportation for themselves, their wedding party and/or their guests can rest assured that their insurance has them covered for any financial losses that occur as a result of the wedding day transportation falling through.

If a couple’s wedding cake gets damaged or doesn’t arrive, wedding insurance reimburses the couple for the cost of the cake. The same thing applies to wedding flowers as well.

Public liability is another area that wedding insurance covers. Most policies cover the bride and the groom if a third party makes any claims against them stemming from their wedding day. Couples can pay extra money to have their wedding insurance cover public liability for their guests as well.

Wedding insurance can also protect couples against the loss or damage of their wedding gifts. This applies to physical gifts but not to gifts of cash or checks.

One thing that many couples don’t realize wedding insurance covers is any necessary counseling for a couple in the event that either of them feels the need to call the wedding off. Professional counseling is covered by the insurance whether it causes couples to proceed with their wedding at a later date or not.

However, there are a few things that wedding insurance won’t cover for you such as injury due to fire or other unforeseen circumstances. For instance, if you buy sparklers for your wedding reception and someone lights the drapes on fire that would be covered by the venue or you may need to pay out of pocket depending on your contract. It’s good to be aware that wedding insurance doesn’t cover the traditional things associated with insurance but instead covers things directly related to your wedding.

These are the essential things that wedding insurance covers, and a few things they don’t. While some couples feel it is a waste of money others enjoy the peace of mind they get from knowing they are insured if anything goes wrong on their wedding day. Whether to obtain wedding insurance is a couple’s personal decision.

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