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While the majority of travellers visit other cities and countries mainly for the attractions, there is another type of traveller: the one who travels to participate in       a very specific sport or outdoor activity. Because their purpose is very specific, it follows that their travel insurance also needs to be specific. Fortunately, there is a range of different policies designed to cover these aspects of travel.


Ski Holiday Insurance

Going on a ski holiday entails a lot more risk than one where you simply plan on sightseeing and relaxing on the beach. For instance, compared to a week skiing in the French Alps, it’s safe to say that sunbathing in Hawaii is far less risky!on a beach in Hawaii is a moren ahead to think about what possible insurance coverage you will need be But you certainly don’t have to curtail your holiday plans due to this risk – you just need to plan ahead and ensure you have just the right travel insurance. First of all, consider the duration of your holiday and how intensive your skiing will be. If you are simply planning on dawdling down the easy slopes, that may be a factor in the level of coverage you get. But if you’re planning to head off piste at every opportunity and want to spend your time hurtling down the black runs, you’ll need to come clean to the insurance company before you go! Another factor to consider is whether you will be bringing your own ski equipment, as this will need to be covered as well in case it gets damaged or lost during your holiday.

Golf Holiday Insurance

Another very specific kind of holiday is a golfing one. Many professional golfers and even beginners visit golf courses all over the world to try and experience teeing off in a different location. Naturally, the travel insurance you need for an exclusively golf focused holiday is very different from the standard policy. For instance, you might want to get your golf clubs insured, as travelling with them means exposing them to getting lost, damaged as baggage, or even damaged while playing. Not only will you need to specify what equipment you want covered, but you will also need to identify the possible medical emergencies you may incur while playing golf overseas.

Snowboard Holiday Insurance

Those who purchase specific winter sports travel insurance will not only have peace of mind, but may also save money by not paying for the other things that they don’t need. For example, while there are standard policies to cover winter sporting holidays, you also have an option to have a specific winter sport covered if that’s the only one you intend on taking part in. For instance, if you only plan on snowboarding and not skiing, there are insurance policies that spell out exact cover for injury whilst snowboarding. On the one hand, it can limit you, but on the other hand, it can provide just exactly what you need and not waste money on what you don’t need.

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