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For owners of commercial lorries, it is imperative to secure  truck insurance for each vehicle. Since these are big, heavy duty commercial vehicles that typically carry products and other goods, there is always a concern whenever they are on the road. It is also worrisome if a Truck carries expensive products that are vulnerable to thieves.

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Why you need to have Truck insurance in place

You will never know what will happen until such incident occurs. But having  truck insurance in place reduces the fear factor and adds peace of mind that you have something to fall back on in times of need. Furthermore, there are also the effects of calamities that can directly impact your Truck services.

Having a claim made against you in the case of an accident caused by your lorry can be very costly if you have no commercial truck insurance in place. Same goes if you need to make a claim in order to pay for repairs and other damages. While it is impossible to totally eliminate the risks involved in operating commercial lorry for freight or transport of goods, it is better to have insurance in place to minimize such risks.


Truck insurance policies usually cover the following:

  • breakdowns
  • legal expenses
  • in transit product/good
  • Europe and international coverage
  • extra coverage may also be available:

excess protection insurance – provides protection against any type of loss, theft, of damage which may result from an accident

liability – basic liability insurance is as vital as any liability coverage since it prevents more problems for your company or business

What to look for in lorry insurance providers

If you can find an insurance company that offers great policy for commercial lorries, then, you are in good hands. However, there are plenty of options out there, so it’s a bit challenging to make the best choice.

The following are just some of the best qualities to look for:

  • an insurance provider of any type should have facilities with top insurers
  • coverage for commercial lorries weighing a gross vehicle weight of 5 to 44 tonnes
  • Truck fleet coverage available
  • provides coverage for in transit goods, breakdowns, and liability
  • has comprehensive, third party, theft and fire coverage
  • may also offer third party only coverage (if preferred)
  • has associate membership in RHA (road haulage association)

A few tips when scouting for Truck insurance

The primary thing to do if you are looking for the right Truck insurance policy is to compare providers’ offers. There are a myriad of websites that have comparison tools showcasing providers of various types of insurance policies.

There are also ways to reduce the costs of policies, but do keep in mind that costs are often based on the vehicle’s history, weight, and maximum allowance available for such vehicles.

When you find an agency, make sure to provide the necessary information in order for you to get the nearest accurate quote for your Truck. If you will approach a few of them for quotes, make sure to also ask questions to help you verify or clarify policy coverage, limitations, and other possible queries.

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