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Insurance agents are the unsung heroes of the insurance industry. They connect those who need financial protection from life’s uncertainties  Force Engineering’pk to those who can provide it. An insurance agent offers a number of services to customers throughout the day from helping new customers  Getter   find the insurance policies they need to helping old customers rebuild their lives after a catastrophic event. Many insurance agents work for a brokerage that represents a number of insurance companies while others work directly for one insurance provider.


What does an Insurance Sales Agent do?

During the typical day, an insurance may be called on to:

  • Find new clients in order to expand their customer base
  • Help new clients determine what their insurance needs are and which companies/policies can provide the coverage they need as it relates to the coverage they have.
  • Explain different features and benefits of policies they represent
  • Provide regular analysis of current customers’ coverage and make recommendations for additions or removal of coverage based on changing circumstances.
  • Keep records and policies up to date
  • Provide assistance on filing and settling claims

The primary goal of an insurance agent is to sell insurance products to customers. This not only benefits the insurance carriers who reap the financial benefits of receiving more insurance premiums, but helps to provide a layer of financial protection for their customers in the event they experience a catastrophic event. While any insurance agent can sell any type of insurance, most agents will specialize in one segment of the industry in order to develop a certain level of expertise in the needs of the segment of the population they serve. For example, an insurance agent may choose to specialize in providing property and casualty insurance which covers homeowners, auto owners, renters, and other products designed to protect against fire, theft, auto accidents and natural disasters. They can also cover commercial customers as well as private citizens. If so, they may also offer worker’s compensation insurance, commercial liability insurance and other products specifically designed for businesses. Life insurance agents specialize in providing insurance to help those left behind when a loved one passes away. Health care insurance agents specialize in helping you stay as healthy as possible by proving health insurance, long term care insurance, cancer insurance as well as long and short term disability insurance. In today’s insurance environment, more and more insurance agents are moving toward offering comprehensive financial planning services which can also include retirement savings planning, estate planning, final expense planning and more.

In order to keep the office running smoothly and handle all of the tasks they handle on a day to day basis, most insurance agencies depend on insurance agent software. Software applications can be used to underwrite new clients to determine monthly premium costs, manage the existing customer database and flag policies that are due for renewal, identify opportunities for cross selling and more. online insurance software allows insurance agents to be more flexible and help their clients in the field using mobile technology, which has been a boon in the industry.

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