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What if? The most promising question in the English language. What if we move to the city? What if she says, “yes”? Also, the most terrifying question in the English language. What if our apartment floods? What if we die before our kids graduate? With, ‘what if’ can hold promise for the future, while still protecting you against the unknown.

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What Insurance Company is Right for Me?

It’s human nature to want to protect what we’ve worked hard for from unforeseeable events; protect the ones we love from possible future financial crisis. The answer is obvious. But the answer can often be daunting, as insurance can be confusing to even the most experienced shopper. What do I need? And who do I get it from?

That’s why we’re here. Here we have compiled the best of the best insurance companies provided here in New Zealand. We provide you with the tools to quickly compare well-trusted companies like FMG and Youi; what services they offer and their ratings providing those services.

What Types of Products Do I Need?

When it comes to the services themselves, we break them down into categories so that you can easily navigate the kind of protection you need as an individual, family unit, or business. When referring to these services, it’s easier to consider them in four categories, to determine what kind of need you have. We separate these services into the following four categories: Life, Health, Property, and Motor.

Life Insurance

The most common asked ‘what if’ question of all; what if something happens to me? Life insurance is frequently considered the most importance coverage to secure for yourself in order to protect your loved ones from future financial crisis and unexpected financial debt left in your absence. It’s a difficult conversation to have, but a vital one nonetheless.

If in the event the insured (you or your loved one) has died, the beneficiary package previously prepared through your coverage will likely be paid out monthly over the span of one year, in order to ease the possible financial burdens left in your absence. Depending on the range of coverage you seek out, life insurance policies can assist in the payoff of remaining medical bills to setting up a loved one financially for the remainder of their lifespan. You can further discuss with an insurance company listed on our website that offers life insurance, whether a life-annuity plan, whole, term, or endowment package is right for your particular lifestyle.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is often mistaken for life coverage, and vice versa. Health insurance specifically assists the insured (you or a loved one) in paying for medical expenses such as regular exams at your local clinic, emergency visits to the hospital, dental care, prescriptions, and so forth. When the unexpected occurs; a child falls climbing a tree and breaks an arm or a parent is diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, health insurance can be a comforting net that a family can depend on when their worry is with the well-being of the family, where it is best spent.

Every health insurance package is different. When speaking to an agent from one of the companies on our website, we urge shoppers to keep a list of the variances of coverage and rates within the packages themselves. Does this health package offer eye care coverage? What happens financially if I get sick? Do we need a lower rate for dental because all our children will require braces? These are the kinds of questions to consider for your individual situation and to discuss with an agent.

Property Insurance

When your property experiences damage or is destroyed completely, which we call a loss, property insurance assists the insured (you or your loved one) in repairing or replacing your property. What many people fail to learn, is that there is a wide range of products that a shopper can purchase in order to protect their property, and ultimately, their financial well-being.

When seeking out property insurance, it’s beneficial to sit down and determine what kind of loss you are at risk for. Do you own a home? Do you live in an apartment? Do you have a business? Do you have pets? Believe it or not, property insurance can protect you from a variety of accidents from natural disasters, sewage or water line floods, theft, and fire damage. As you find a company that provides the kind of property insurance you require (whether it’s homeowners, renters boat pet, or travel), an agent can sit down and explain the level of coverage available for your property and determine to what extent you need coverage.

Motor Insurance

The most common filed claim is damage or total loss to a vehicle. From fender benders to drifting oncoming traffic due to texting, the road can be one of the most dangerous places we go. If our vehicle is damaged, we find ourselves stranded, or worst of all, in an accident. Motor insurance is the policy that assists the insured (you or a loved one), in repairing your mode of transportation, providing a tow truck in a bad situation, or aiding you in replacing your vehicle quickly in order to assure you can return to the normalcy of everyday life, without complications arising in your home or at work.

Agents from companies listed on our website that offer motor insurance (vehicle and motorcycle), can better provide details on what their policies cover and how much it would cost for you. Prior accidents and traffic violations will contribute to the pricing of your policy, so it’s important you compare a few different quotes from varying companies.

Preparing for the Future

It’s not worth it if it can’t hurt you. What is life without a little risk? As human beings, we value bold moves. We value a challenge. But we also value responsibility. We all have loved ones that we are responsible for. And we respect others who take steps in order to protect their future and livelihood. Insurance is a value.

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