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It wasn’t long ago that unless you were the kind of person with bags of money to spare, personal number­ plates were not the kind of purchase you’d realistically consider. There weren’t too many of the things about and so the plates that were available tended to be rather expensive to say the least. Fast forward to 2015 however and there are more private plates on the roads than ever before, of which tens of thousands were given as gifts.


On the surface, it might not sound like the most obvious of gift offerings – a new number plate for the car – but when given a little thought there really is more to it that meets the eye. So, if you’ve been driving yourself crazy wondering what to give this time around for that important special occasion, here’s a quick look at five reasons to consider a personalised plate:

1 – Most People Won’t Ever Buy One for Themselves

First of all, no matter how affordable or easy to get hold of private plates become, they will continue to be interpreted as something of a luxury by most. And as most of us are not in fact in the habit of buying luxuries we consider superfluous for ourselves at least, it’s up to our family and friends to give them as gifts instead. The chances of any everyday motorist actually buying themselves a private plate are pretty low, which in turn means that if you do the job for them, you’re giving them something they would otherwise have never had.

2 – It’s a Gift for Life

There’s nothing worse than giving a gift only to know fully well that it will lose its appeal and lustre faster than a marigold in a microwave. In an ideal scenario, any gift given with genuine thought and sentiment should be one that’s kept for as long as possible…perhaps even for life. This is another reason why a private plate makes such an excellent gift choice as no matter where the recipient goes, what they do or how many times they change their car in the future, they’ll still be the proud owner of the same plate that will make them think of the gift giver every time they see it.

3 – It’s 100% Unique and Always Will Be

Something else to bear in mind is the fact that it is getting more and more difficult by the day to give a gift that’s genuinely unique and unlike anything else out there. Steering clear of the usual generic cliché gift offerings is hard work to say the least, but in the case of the private plate, it comes as standard. What’s even better about a private plate is the fact that not only is it 100% unique, but it always will be. There will never at any time be two identical number plates in the UK, which means that when you give the gift of a private plate, you give a genuine one-off that’s never to be repeated.

4 – It’s Affordable

As mentioned above, the affordability of private plates also adds to their appeal as gift offerings. There was a time not so long ago when getting any kind of change out of a four-figure sum for any kind of private plate at all would have been impossible. These days however, you can pick up a genuinely brilliant private plate for next to nothing and have all of the admin taken care of on your behalf. For less than the price of a fancy dinner out, a private number plate could be picked up, processed and made yours for life.

5 – It Could Be Worth a Fortune One Day

It’s unrealistic to expect every private number plate on the face of the Earth to be worth millions in years to come, but there will always be those plates that become more and more valuable as the years roll on. What’s more, it’s largely unheard of for any private plate to depreciate in value over the years, which means than not only are you giving a brilliantly unique and meaningful gift, you’re also giving what could prove to be a very valuable investment.

6 – It’s Universal

Last but not least, one of the best things of all about private plates is the way in which they are 100% universal across the board by way of their appeal and value to recipients. Regardless of age, gender, personal tastes or anything else across the board, it’s impossible not to be blown away by being offered a private plate as a gift for literally any occasion.

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