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Making the best commercial auto insurance decision when you are bidding on contracts

One of the hardest things for companies that are involved in the professional service sector is making heads or tails of the best path to follow when it comes to getting commercial auto insurance for their workers.

The problem for many firms is that rather than have a fleet of cars that workers drive, they normally rely upon workers being able to show up at a client site using their own transportation. Yet, if they are contracting with a local government client, many times the contract will state that the company owner must provide commercial auto insurance for any worker that works on that contract.

To help clear up that type of situation, here are some tips that can make it easier to find a policy that will make everyone happy:

Consider doing what other service companies do:

Large or small, many firms keep a company car around to allow employees to drive to work sites when they are working on contracts that require them to be covered under company commercial auto insurance.

They normally do so because there are provisions in most commercial policies that require their designated company vehicles to be stored in a company owned or leased garage, something that is difficult to do if the car is being taken home by the employee on a regular basis. Chances are, the majority of your contracts will not come with this requirement, so you do not need to have an entire fleet available. It is a great idea to discuss this with experienced auto owners insurance companies San Antonio TX

Lining up a suitable garage is particularly important. One business owner who stored a company-owned vehicle on an apron on company property within a gated community thought it was good enough until he arrived to find out the neighbors decided his Mercedes was inconvenient and ‘moved’ it backwards with a large pickup, making the new, accordion shape of the hood remind some people of a wistful Norteno song that played while he discovered that he wasn’t in fact covered.

Look into joining their policy:

When you provide commercial liability business insurance at your office, your landlord is able to avoid insuring you because they attach their name to your insurance policy so that their liability for your premises is covered by your policy. When you are contracting and use sub-contractors that are not your employees, you can specify that they add your firm to their policy so that as long as they meet the contract limits, the client will accept the arrangement.

Provide for your workers to take mass transit to the work site:

Whether it is a shuttle bus or using the metro area transit system, employees or contractors that prove that they can commute using mass transit can be exempted from contract car insurance provisions because they have no need to be insured as drivers.

Overall, obtaining the right commercial auto insurance for your needs can be a smooth process from the auto insurance quote San Antonio TX to the signing of a policy. The key is to find the right agent.

Sam is an independent consultant writing on auto owners insurance companies San Antonio TX. His auto insurance quote San Antonio TX best practices guide is widely read.

Find the auto insurance company that will best represent your interests

None of us can control the universe. Things happen that are simply beyond our control. No matter how safely your drive, no matter how many precautions you take, you are still vulnerable when you get out on the road. An accident can happen at any time. And although you may not be able to stop such occurrence, you can plan for its eventuality. You can put in a plan to ensure your financial security against a crash that involves you and another vehicle.

Indeed, getting auto insurance is one of the best ways to ensure that you won’t have to pay out of pocket if anything happens to you or your car as the result of an accident. Few persons are in the position of paying the expenses related to an accident. And nor should they. That is what insurance is for: to pool the resources of a number of people to protect any one of them from accident and contingency. You can take advantage of such insurance. It is the best way to give you peace of mind, so that you do not have to live in constant fear of getting into a fender bender.

Now the insurance industry has changed considerably over the past fifteen years or so. It used to be the case that a few large insurance companies dominated the market. They determined the kinds of insurance policy that any one person could acquire. That has all changed. Nowadays, it is possible to work with an insurance company that has the flexibility to produce a customized insurance plan, one that suits the realities and circumstances of your life. This can be a great way to plan ahead. It can also save you money in the long run. There are many things that you may not need because of your driving record. It also gives you more control over what you want in your insurance plan, instead of having to simply accept some generic plan created by someone who knows nothing about your life and personal situation.

Of course, it is important to realize that not all auto owners insurance companies Dallas TX are the same. They differ according to the quality, value, and services they offer. When you’re looking for an auto insurance provider, you want to find one that gives you the best deal possible. You want to find one that you can trust and rely upon. This is vital if you are to rest easy about your insurance plan.

Fortunately, it is not that hard to find such a company. The best place to begin your search is the worldwide web. Using the web will enable you to bring the websites of the various insurance companies to your computer screen. There, from the comfort of your own home, you will be able to see for yourself all that each one has to offer. You will be able to judge for yourself, get an auto insurance quote Dallas TX, and decide which firm you want to work with.

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Motor Legal Expenses Insurance [Infographic]

Did you know that the UK is the most expensive place for drivers to run a car? As this infographic shows, car accidents can only add to these costs. However, Motor Legal Protection, a form of Motor Legal Expenses Insurance, is a great way of making sure you won’t lose out.

Motor Legal Expenses Insurance: Cutting your car costs

Fleet Management Resources – How To Cut Costs Considerably

All across the UK today, it’s almost possible to hear the squeals and squirms of a thousand and one businesses tightening their belts to such an extent they can barely breathe, let alone move. With competition having never been fiercer and the threat of going under never more real, it’s become a case of increasingly turning to savings and efficiency improvements as a means by which to progress with strength. And while recent slashes to petrol and diesel prices may have brought at least a little relief to those dependent on their business vehicle fleets, this is hardly the kind of thing that can be relied upon long-term.


Fleet operation has never been an easy balancing act to pull off in a financial sense – it’s long been a case of high spending allowing for high performance and anything to the contrary yielding the opposite. But at the same time, like in all other areas of business, there are ways and means by which to cut fleet management costs without necessarily impacting quality of performance on the whole.

Outsource Management

For example, it’s natural to assume that outsourcing responsibilities to fleet services companies would mean paying an additional premium for premium service, but this isn’t always the case. The reason being that when you sign a contract with an external provider, you immediately eliminate the need for keeping hold of spare parts, spare vehicles and spare wads of cash to be used when and where things go wrong. In addition, you also tap into the kind of buying power than means cheaper parts, cheaper labour and cheaper overall tracking and management at the same time.

Effective Tracking

One of the most important habits of all to get into for the sake of efficiency and optimisation is that of accurate and constant tracking of all journeys made across the board. This is really the only way of finding out how much money you’re wasting while your vehicles are idling, what kind of MPG on the whole you can expect on a day to day basis, which of the so called quickest routes are actually the most efficient and so on and so forth. Some see tracking a way of spying on drivers – in reality it’s simply a way of spying on your business interests.

Fuel Cards

How can fuel cards bring savings to your fleet management efforts? It’s easy – by reducing the kind of manpower and time you’d otherwise have to pump into admin and accountancy. It’s natural to look for more hands-on ways and means to cut fleet costs, but at the same time you’d be surprised how big of a difference you can make behind the scenes. Long story short – the more complicated you make it for your drivers to buy fuel and then claim back the expenses, the more money you’re wasting on admin tasks. By contrast, use a centralised account with fuel cards for each driver and you’ll save masses of time and money.

Fleet Maintenance

There are so many in-house fleet managers these days who subconsciously believe that the best way of saving money is to pretty much run their vehicles into the ground and only ever spend cash on repairs when it’s absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, not only does this lead to massively inefficient running on a day to day basis, but it also means that when and where repairs are needed, chances are they’ll be bigger and far costlier than they need have been. It’s something of a constant and almost cliché call to the fleet managers of the UK to make sure their vehicles are kept in the best possible state of repair at all times, but is nonetheless a cry that’s 100% guaranteed to save any business money over the long-term.


Last but not least,  it may seem a little on the inappropriate side to take life-long professional drivers back to the training room for a little driver-coaching, but setting rules in place for fleet operations could save the business a small fortune. Sure there’s a 70mph speed limit in place, but this doesn’t mean you can’t impose your own 60mph limit on drivers for better fuel-economy. Likewise, there may be a route home that’s an hour or so quicker than the other, but if the longer route saves a good deal of cash by using slower roads, feel free to make such routes mandatory. Statistics show that these kinds of minor changes can cut overall annual fuel costs by anything up to 30%, which can amount to a quite spectacular saving.

Making Money with Private Number Plates – Getting it Right

One of the most commonly asked questions on the subject of personal number plates in the UK is also the most obvious of all:

Is it possible to make money…and good money at that…buying and selling personalised plates?


Well, the simple answer to the question is a pretty convincing ‘yes’ as it’s not uncommon to hear of lucky/savvy sellers making small fortunes by selling their plates on to the rich and famous. To say that the industry as a whole is one of big business would be a rank understatement to say the least as in 2012 alone, well over £2.3 billion was spent on these little clusters of numbers and letters. A new UK record was set last year when a plate sold for over £518,000 which once again showed that with the right combo of letters and numbers, you could indeed find yourself getting very rich from the deal.

So, it’s pretty clear that the UK’s love affair with private plates is alive and kicking, but does this mean that now is the right time to get involved and try making some money? And if it is, how can anyone approaching the business as a first-timer increase their chances of hitting the big time?

Assessing Value

What’s interesting about the world of private plates is that there is in fact no hard and fast rule when it comes to assessing value. The reason being that there’s a huge difference between a plate that looks good and a plate that has the kind of meaning that resonates with would-be buyers. This could be illustrated with a plate that reads ‘9 LLL’ for example, which may look brilliant at a glance but isn’t likely to have mass-market appeal for those looking for a plate with their own initials on it. By contrast, ‘9 AAA’ would probably be worth a fortune as the first letter of the alphabet tends to be very highly sought after.

The only rule to follow therefore in terms of assessing the value of any given plate is to think about how many people would be interested in buying it were you to put it up for sale. The more specific it is to you alone or the more unusual the lettering/initials you choose, the less chance of finding a buyer. But at the same time, opting for something a little too generic isn’t going to result in a high resale price either.

Now or Never

Something else to bear in mind is the way in which it may in fact not be beneficial to hang onto your plates for too long before selling them. While some plates will grow in value over time, others will find their appeal diluted to such an extent you’ll be watching your investment trickle slowly down the drain. The reason being that every time the DVLA introduces any kind of new standards or rules, thousands more private plates creep out. And if one or more of these plates turns out to be similar to the one you’re trying to sell, you’re suddenly in ownership of an asset that’s no longer unique.

If you have a plate that’s clearly worth something and could sell with little fuss, it’s not always a good idea to keep holding out for too long.

Making a Sale

When it comes to making the sale itself, you’ll have the choice of going with a specialist company which will make the sale on your behalf, or having a go at selling it privately. The latter of the two often comes across as the most appealing due to the way in which there are no attached fees or commissions to worry about, but in the spirit of getting the best possible price may not in fact represent the better decision.

The reason being that when you list via a specialist seller, you expose your plate to a massively larger target audience that you’d otherwise have access to. The more people that get to see your plate, the better your chances of getting the best possible price for it. Not only this, but an established company may also help with or wholly take over the admin side of things once the sale has gone through, in turn eliminating the chances of you having to deal with any fines from the DVLA having not gone about the transfer properly.

Of course, all fees and commissions will be laid out in advance so there’s no reason to leave yourself open to nasty surprises, but in the case of first-time sellers in particular, siding with the pros is usually the way to go.