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Mistakes I Made When I Decided to Sell My Car

When I decided to sell my car, I was pretty confident that I was making the right decision. That I had done plenty of research (both online and through friendly conversation), and that I was ready to take the leap. I had blue booked my car’s value and even figured out how I was going to make some money off of it. And while I did the best I could, there were some things I didn’t know and mistakes I made along the way. Here are a few things that I learned along the way.

Take your car to your mechanic for a checkup. I’m not a mechanic and I have a feeling that, if you’re reading this, neither are you. I know that I’m supposed to change my oil every 3,000 miles and I know that if my car makes a squealing sound when I break, it’s probably time to change the brake pads, and… that’s about it. So when I went to sell my car and people asked me about its history, the last time I had work done on it, when the belts had been changed and a whole slew of other questions, I had no idea what they were talking about, let alone asking. I should have gone to my mechanic and asked for a diagnostic, a history and some explanations. It would have equipped me to answer questions.

Know your options. I thought that if I wanted to make money on my car, I had to park it in front of my house with a “FOR SALE” sign in the window and wait for the phone to start ringing. This isn’t true. There are a number of different options. I had no idea that I could call my local “junk vehicle” lot and they would quote me a cash amount to come pick up my car. This may not be the most profitable option for everyone but if the car is old and the value is low, it may be your best bet. I also didn’t know about the dangers of posting cars online. There are scam artists just waiting to swindle. Selling my car to a private buyer took time and lots of knowledge. In retrospect, it may have been worth it to consider an alternate route.

Make sure the decision to sell your car is not an impulse. In every financial planning class you take, they tell you that the two most necessary expenses are transportation and housing. Being without a car is challenging if you live in a rural area or work far from your home. When I decided to sell my car, I had a plan in place. I was moving to a big city and didn’t need my own personal vehicle. But I wasn’t prepared for the adjustment it would be. Cash is great, but make sure you think through all the different possibilities before taking the plunge.

I felt like a better rounded adult after following through with the decision to sell my car. But it wasn’t the breeze I thought it would be. Take plenty of time to do the research, ask for help if you need it and learn from the ride as you go.

Why Private Number Plates Make Outstanding Gifts

It wasn’t long ago that unless you were the kind of person with bags of money to spare, personal number­ plates were not the kind of purchase you’d realistically consider. There weren’t too many of the things about and so the plates that were available tended to be rather expensive to say the least. Fast forward to 2015 however and there are more private plates on the roads than ever before, of which tens of thousands were given as gifts.


On the surface, it might not sound like the most obvious of gift offerings – a new number plate for the car – but when given a little thought there really is more to it that meets the eye. So, if you’ve been driving yourself crazy wondering what to give this time around for that important special occasion, here’s a quick look at five reasons to consider a personalised plate:

1 – Most People Won’t Ever Buy One for Themselves

First of all, no matter how affordable or easy to get hold of private plates become, they will continue to be interpreted as something of a luxury by most. And as most of us are not in fact in the habit of buying luxuries we consider superfluous for ourselves at least, it’s up to our family and friends to give them as gifts instead. The chances of any everyday motorist actually buying themselves a private plate are pretty low, which in turn means that if you do the job for them, you’re giving them something they would otherwise have never had.

2 – It’s a Gift for Life

There’s nothing worse than giving a gift only to know fully well that it will lose its appeal and lustre faster than a marigold in a microwave. In an ideal scenario, any gift given with genuine thought and sentiment should be one that’s kept for as long as possible…perhaps even for life. This is another reason why a private plate makes such an excellent gift choice as no matter where the recipient goes, what they do or how many times they change their car in the future, they’ll still be the proud owner of the same plate that will make them think of the gift giver every time they see it.

3 – It’s 100% Unique and Always Will Be

Something else to bear in mind is the fact that it is getting more and more difficult by the day to give a gift that’s genuinely unique and unlike anything else out there. Steering clear of the usual generic cliché gift offerings is hard work to say the least, but in the case of the private plate, it comes as standard. What’s even better about a private plate is the fact that not only is it 100% unique, but it always will be. There will never at any time be two identical number plates in the UK, which means that when you give the gift of a private plate, you give a genuine one-off that’s never to be repeated.

4 – It’s Affordable

As mentioned above, the affordability of private plates also adds to their appeal as gift offerings. There was a time not so long ago when getting any kind of change out of a four-figure sum for any kind of private plate at all would have been impossible. These days however, you can pick up a genuinely brilliant private plate for next to nothing and have all of the admin taken care of on your behalf. For less than the price of a fancy dinner out, a private number plate could be picked up, processed and made yours for life.

5 – It Could Be Worth a Fortune One Day

It’s unrealistic to expect every private number plate on the face of the Earth to be worth millions in years to come, but there will always be those plates that become more and more valuable as the years roll on. What’s more, it’s largely unheard of for any private plate to depreciate in value over the years, which means than not only are you giving a brilliantly unique and meaningful gift, you’re also giving what could prove to be a very valuable investment.

6 – It’s Universal

Last but not least, one of the best things of all about private plates is the way in which they are 100% universal across the board by way of their appeal and value to recipients. Regardless of age, gender, personal tastes or anything else across the board, it’s impossible not to be blown away by being offered a private plate as a gift for literally any occasion.

Truck Toppers – A Great Investment

Truck toppers tend to be a great investment for the pickup owners, as it helps them with even more ways to get the most of their trucks during play or work. Covering the bed of their truck creates a storage area out of space that otherwise would go wasted. They can be easily installed and come in a wide range of options and styles to satisfy any vehicle owner who wants to get the most out of their truck.


How Useful A Truck Topper Is?

A truck topper is useful in covering the bed of the vehicle creating a lockable lid that is basically the height of bed. The top is quite easy to lift to put things in or to get things out. It is a perfect place to store camping gear, valuable tools and other items to protect them from theft or damage. People that require more room can opt for models that are mainly designed to encase the whole truck bed and extend up to the height of the truck.

What Features It Offers?

The features vary, and mostly are dependent on the kind of model you opt for. Generally, most are insulated to prevent any kind of damage that may occur to the items from the elements such as heat, cold and light. They are made available with sturdy handy locks that are beneficial in protecting the cargo. An inner light source is equipped to aid create a mobile workstation or to easily assist people find what they are trying to look for. Aluminum and fiberglass are two of the most common materials that are used to manufacture the toppers.

Common Types

One of the other common truck toppers is the tonneau covers that are made available in the access bed design. You can select different options such as keyless remote entry along with a soft bed liner. The best place to get started with shopping and comparing different truck cap models is over the Internet. A large number of dealers offer a wide selection for you to browse through using detailed product descriptions and helpful product images. Adding this accessory to your truck will certainly make it more enjoyable and useful for quite a long time.

For more information related to truck toppers, you can always browse through Ressler Motors, where you will find more details on Ressler Truck Toppers in Bozeman.

DashCams To Protect Your No Claims Bonus

Car insurance is now more expensive than ever and if you are unlucky enough to be involved in an accident it can rapidly become even more expensive because you may lose your no claims bonus. If you have a full no claims bonus you may have up to seventy percent off the price and so protecting that discount is vital if you are to keep your motoring costs affordable.

no claims discounts

Luckily dashboard cameras, or dashcams as they are known, can help to protect your no claims bonus or even earn you money for very little outlay. A dashcam is a small device which attaches to your windscreen very much like a satnav does. It records your journey as you drive along and stores it on a removable SD card. In the event of an accident it offers evidence which can be used by your insurance company to decide who is at fault. It is often the case in accident situations that people deny responsibility or even blame the innocent party and a dashcam can quickly and easily prevent this happening.

There are many instances nowadays of people being involved in crash for cash incidents where someone deliberately causes an accident in order to claim compensation for injuries like whiplash. A dashcam quickly and easily shows who is responsible and so prevents the innocent party from being held responsible and losing their no claims bonus.

They are available for a very reasonable price, the Edwardes Brothers website lists their ZV002 camera for as low as £15.99 (+vat) including an 8gb SD card and all the mounts and cables necessary to get going. At that price it is possible to have two, one on the front windscreen and one on the rear. I’m sure your no claims discount is much higher than that price and so really there is no reason not to have and use one, the peace of mind it offers is worth more than the cost.

Discover The Many Joys And Benefits Of Getting Online Term Life Insurance

Getting life insurance is not as difficult as it used to be. The barriers to good life insurance have come down considerably. There was a time when rates and premiums were controlled by a small group of large insurance firms. Such firms had a monopoly on the industry and had tremendous influence on the kinds of policy that you could take out. This is no longer the case. It is now possible for you to get life insurance that fits your economic circumstances and meets your individual expectations.

Smaller, more nimble and flexible life insurance companies have sprung up all around the country. Many of these new firms have located themselves online. They have completely transformed the industry so that it is now one that caters to persons and interests of all sorts. It is just a fact that no two individuals are alike in how they live and what they want. Firms that offer life insurance must take this into account.

No matter how careful we are or how diligent we live, mortality is the one constant of human life. Everyone must pass on someday. Nothing can be done about that. However, it is possible for you to plan and to establish some security for those you leave behind. Indeed, you want your family to be safe and secure when you’re gone. You don’t want bills and other financial difficulties to threaten their material security. Having good life insurance is a good way to ensure such a future.

It is important to think about such things now while you’re healthy and in a good place to do so. They are too important to leave to the last minute. Once you’ve gotten life insurance that you can live with then you won’t be so afraid of dying.

It is important, however, to take great care in the kind of life insurance you get. You want to work with a company that will offer you the best deal for your money. You want to work with a life insurance firm that provides you with a wide range of options from which to choose. You also want to work with a firm that you know you can rely upon and trust. The best way to get all of these things is to work with a firm that has earned a reputation for delivering excellent results and world class customer service.

Fortunately, it is not that hard to find such a firm. The best place to begin your search is the worldwide web. Using the web will enable you to bring the websites of the various life insurance companies to your computer screen. There, from the comfort of your own home, you will be able to sift through the deals and packages offered by each. You will be able to get great online term life insurance quotes. Using the web makes it easy for you to find good life insurance. You will be able to get term life insurance quotes that are reasonable and fitting to your needs.

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