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Car insurance is now more expensive than ever and if you are unlucky enough to be involved in an accident it can rapidly become even more expensive because you may lose your no claims bonus. If you have a full no claims bonus you may have up to seventy percent off the price and so protecting that discount is vital if you are to keep your motoring costs affordable.

no claims discounts

Luckily dashboard cameras, or dashcams as they are known, can help to protect your no claims bonus or even earn you money for very little outlay. A dashcam is a small device which attaches to your windscreen very much like a satnav does. It records your journey as you drive along and stores it on a removable SD card. In the event of an accident it offers evidence which can be used by your insurance company to decide who is at fault. It is often the case in accident situations that people deny responsibility or even blame the innocent party and a dashcam can quickly and easily prevent this happening.

There are many instances nowadays of people being involved in crash for cash incidents where someone deliberately causes an accident in order to claim compensation for injuries like whiplash. A dashcam quickly and easily shows who is responsible and so prevents the innocent party from being held responsible and losing their no claims bonus.

They are available for a very reasonable price, the Edwardes Brothers website lists their ZV002 camera for as low as £15.99 (+vat) including an 8gb SD card and all the mounts and cables necessary to get going. At that price it is possible to have two, one on the front windscreen and one on the rear. I’m sure your no claims discount is much higher than that price and so really there is no reason not to have and use one, the peace of mind it offers is worth more than the cost.

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