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The X-Men wouldn’t fight Pyro with a flamethrower. The Justice League  JeduZaKorunu     wouldn’t take on the Black Manta with a water gun.

Being a successful Hero is all about having the right Heroic tool for the right job.

But you can’t know  Through The Trees which heroic weapons you should bring to bear if you’re ignominiously ignorant about the greatest threats you could face.

That’s why your Protective Pals here at Superhero Insurance have brought you a staggering stack of info to consider when you’re on the look-out for the Best Life Insurance Cover for you.

Can we provide you with a quick summary of picking out a Life Insurance Policy? Did Catwoman refuse to date Mr. Freeze because he gave her the cold shoulder? Watch on!

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Now onwards to the staggering statistics.

Breast and prostate cancer nab all the big headlines, as far as crass killers go. And we certainly don’t mean to demean or demerit the number of deaths they cause!

The only problem is, while they’re hogging the sickness spotlight, other, bigger killers are unfortunately left in the shadows.

Data released by our Awesome Number-Crunching Allies at the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that the Top Ten Killers of our fellow Outstanding Aussies in 2012 (out of a grand total of 147,000 deaths) were:

Cause Number of deaths
Ischaemic heart diseases*1 20 046
Cerebrovascular diseases*2 10 779
Dementia and Alzheimer disease 10 369
Trachea, bronchus and lung cancer 8 137
Chronic lower respiratory diseases 6 649
Diabetes 4 239
Colon, sigmoid, rectum and anus cancer 4 051
Blood and lymph cancer (including leukemia) 4 001
Diseases of the urinary systemHeart failure 3 7113 489

*1 – reduced blood supply to the heart.

*2 – dysfunction related to diseases of the blood vessels leading to the brain, which can, for example, lead to strokes.

That’s right, those headline-hogging prostate and breast cancers don’t reach the ranks until number 11 and 12 respectively! Not that we’re cheering them on or yelling for them to do a better job, but those two limelight killers stack up against their cancer colleagues like so:


So what’s a Hero to do?

  1. Be Aware – We’ve just helped you take that first step! Being aware means making sure your Life Insurance Policy covers you for the most likely causes of your death.

If you want to take another step, then pass on this new knowledge to your loved ones.

What’s that? You want to go even further? Then perhaps you’d care to get involved with the Lung Foundation of Australia!

Or help boost Bowel Cancer Australia’s Red Apple Day!

Are you the artistic type? Maybe you could draw up posters to draw awareness to rectal cancer!

Good luck with that last one!

Here’s an extra tidbit to be aware of – our Gracious Government pays for free bowel screenings for Stalwart Citizens of a certain age. To see if you have the specific number of necessary candles on your birthday cake (in 2015 the program is for people who are 70 and 74 years old), you can go here for all the invigorating info.

  1. Be Prepared – When you’re looking for the Best Life Insurance Cover for you, it’s best to heed those nefarious numbers and make sure your new proud policy commits to taking care of your family if you succumb to one of the more capricious killers.

If you have no idea what this “Life Insurance” stuff is, the skinniest of skinnies is this – it’s a lump sum payment that pays out on the event of your death, if that death is one of the conditions covered by your policy.

That second “if” is the reason why we’re putting out this practical post – to make sure you’re covered for the most common killers.

That Life Insurance lump sum can be so important to help your family through the troubling times after your passing. It can help pay for your funeral, or help pay off debts like your mortgage, or can be put towards education for the kids.

To get Superbly Specific information on Life Insurance, you can punch up this proud posting, or this one for Fabulous Over-50s, or even this one if you’re a smoker. To really chew your way down to the Life Insurance gristle, check out our main Life Insurance page.

Now you’ve got the know-how, jet on over to our main page, punch up our 100% Online FREE Quote Service, and let us help you pick the Best Life Insurance Cover Policy for you and your fantastic family!

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