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If you go abroad and take out single trip travel insurance, it is always a good idea to know exactly what you are covered for in different circumstances. Sometimes you may assume you are covered for something when it fact you are not.


Here are five common things that you should double check before going overseas.

  1. The Length of Your Trip

Make sure you know exactly how many days you are covered for on your insurance policy, and ensure your trip does not go over this. You may be enjoying yourself so much that you want to stay longer, but unless you extend your insurance you won’t be covered for that period.

  1. The Maximum Limits of Cover

Most items on your policy will have a maximum limit of cover, so make sure you know what this is. This is particularly important when it comes to your personal belongings. You will usually have a total limit for all your belonging as well as a single-item limit, so know what these are in advance to avoid any problems.

  1. Any Pre-Existing Health Conditions

Make sure you’re covered on your single trip travel insurance policy for any pre-existing health conditions. You will be asked to declare these when you purchase your policy, so always tell the truth about them. If you think you may have a condition but you are unsure, it is always best to tell your insurer so that they can then decide whether to provide you with cover.

  1. Activities

Most single trip travel insurance policies will have a list of activities that you are covered for when you are away. However, these may not cover things like skiing, bungee jumping and other more risky activities. Always find out exactly what you are covered for before you go, and consider purchasing extra insurance if you want to do any activities that are not covered on your standard policy.

  1. Documentation Requirements

Many insurers will ask for certain documentation when you make a claim. For example, if your belongings are stolen, you may need to present a police report form in order to make the claim. Always check what is required before you go, and ask your insurer if you are unsure about any requirements.

Always Know the Details of Your Policy

Just because you buy a single trip travel insurance policy, do not assume that you will automatically be covered under any circumstances. Always read through the policy details before you go away so that you know what you are covered for, and if you have any questions regarding the cover, always ask your insurer before you go away.

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